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Fee Structure

BHR is introducing new flat fee pricing for research and paralegal projects. Choose us for litigation assistance at prices that fit your law firm's operating budget.
Tier One Pricing - $79.00

Downtown Boston

Tier Two Pricing - $109.00
This pricing is effective from Boston to the 128 Belt, inclusive of Norfolk and Middlesex South Superior Courts.

Tier Three Pricing - $129.00
We charge this fee for clients from the 128 Belt to Interstate 495, inclusive of Essex and Worcester.

Barnstable and Hampden Counties - $159.00
This price includes 1 hour of court time at your location, and we cover all courts in Massachusetts. Any court not located within the flat fee tiered pricing will be billed at our standard hourly rate of $70.00 per hour plus roundtrip mileage from Boston.

Scanned Copies of Documents - $.65/Page
Save on the cost of document scanning with our competitive rate. A $50.00 rush fee may apply in some same-day scenarios, so contact our office for more information.